Global Players Network (GPN) is committed to raising the standards of skills, knowledge and faith to the best in class globally. We intend to impact lives by providing information about simple spiritual facts so that participants may be challenged to raise their standards of righteousness and faith.

The aim is to identify Global standards in personal all-round development. This is facilitated by access to information and resources. These standards are then made available to Global Players that seek to participate in the international arena.

Facilitators are from all over the world to speak on specific personal development topics. The spiritual understanding of Man is the background of these talks. Man is affected by his environment and his environment is physical and spiritual. Spiritual laws reflect in day to day living. Solutions to lives problems will be solve by understanding spiritual laws.

Global Players are international players that operate in an industry and compete on a global scale. Characteristics of these people are the organization of worldwide activities to obtain synergy and economies of scale.