MEANINGFUL WORK: “How to avoid work that has no meaning”

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Work is very important in modern society. Many of us are part of the modern industrial economy that divides labor and creates jobs for the majority. We therefore earn a living by our wages.

Your current job may however not be your life’s work. This means you have fun and pleasure from doing other things that require equal effort and resources but which do not pay you enough money to live solely on the proceeds. In some cultures this is called a hobby.

The greatest place to be is when your current job is your life’s work. This means you earn from your life’s work to make it your sole profession.

Below are the Seminar topics:

1)    The Dignity of Work

God takes work seriously. We should take work seriously as well. God created specific times and days when work ought to be done and when to rest. Work brings honor and respect.

2)    The Motive and Agenda of Work

Your life’s work will motivate you as long as you communicate what you do properly to yourself. In fact if you cannot communicate your work properly to you it will be difficult to explain it to someone else.

3)    Successful Work Ethic and Personal Development

“Work Ethic” is an expression that defines actions and beliefs of certain people to work. Where a person works pretty hard and exhibits a great deal of pride in that work, that person is said to have a good “work ethic.”