SIMPLICITY: “The power of less”

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The more choices we have the more difficult it is to make simple life choices. Life has become complicated and we continue in this complexity because everyone is doing it. Complexity seems to be safe. We lose track of what is important and heap up all kinds of non essentials upon ourselves. The hope is that in the many things we put together, one of them will work out fine.

Simplicity seeks to reduce complexity and is the measure of being uncombined and pure. It seeks to reduce stress and anxiety, thereby focusing on clarity and long lasting results. The simple things of life are not necessarily easy. But they endure the test of time and they are eternal. Life is simple. The principles of living are simple. We therefore have to simplify our life so we can align with the principles of our creator.

Below are the seminar topics:

1)    Why less is more

We are attracted to the simple things of life. We desire order. We long for the known and like to create habits. Every great man must be simple. Without simplicity his greatness will be hollow and crude.

2)    The principles of Simplicity

The principles of Simplicity are the bedrocks with which you can simplify your life. Principles do not change but the circumstances in which you apply the principles may vary. The underlying principle of simplicity is to identify what is essential. When you know what is essential, you need to eliminate all the other things that are not essential. The principle therefore is based on reduction or moderation.

3)    Gain through Godliness and Moderation

“Godliness” is not a synonym for “boring.” Today our society caricatures godliness as living a boring and uninspiring life. However, God is certainly not boring. His hilarity is apparent, his sense of humor well developed. Rather godliness should be seen as an upfront enjoyment of a healthy, balanced life and God oriented living.