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Like every other graduate, I was introduced to the reality of the labour market. I just always had this assurance that my case would be different and I would not add to the number of the unemployed graduates.

Though, it took me a while to adjust to present reality and leave the dream world where I could already envision myself working. However, I never stopped trusting God. Well, the truth is that He was my only option plus every Sunday and Wednesday service in Daystar was a constant reminded that God is still working on my case.

I learnt something vital, that: only when you are faithful with the small opportunities can the big ones be entrusted to you.

So, my big opportunity came around and this was September 2013. I got an invite for a job interview which was totally engineered by God. I was privileged to be amongst the few chosen for the final stage of interview after several stages of interview.

Prior to the final interview, On Saturday 7th of September, 2013, I had attended a seminar titled “SIMPLICITY, “The Power of Less” organised GPN group. I was literarily dragged to the seminar. In fact, my house fellowship host and good friend paid my registration fee to the seminar. So, I attended the seminar and it was very enlightening and I thought that was all to it. But my final interview notice was scheduled to be three (3) days before the actual date and I was told to prepare a presentation on my strategy for success and how it fits into the company’s vision and I could not think of any better strategy than “SIMPLICITY”. As illogical as I thought it sounded, when I was done with my presentation on the assessment day, other candidates were already congratulating me: that they were convinced without any doubt that I would be selected for the job. I must say that every word and every definition I used in my presentation was taken from the handbook given to me at the seminar. I quoted the facilitator word for word and the Holy Spirit provided the insight.

I resumed work at the multinational consulting & professional services firm on January 2014 and this was all owing to God engineering me to attend this wonderful GPN seminar.


The seminar helped me to focus on my business by making use of what was taught…


I have learnt simplicity in an easy way through this seminar. It exposed me to understand how to eliminate complexities in my daily work and interactions with people…


Very glad I came. It was more specifically useful that I expected. Very informative and well presented. Highly impactful, it awakes my soul and business operations…

Mercy G.

Lack of imagination hinders progress; very powerful. Facilitator real-life examples brought it to life and made it relevant to everyone…


All success can be traced to imagination …


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